Ancient Aliens Manbaby

Back in 2012 I dared to question Giorgio Tsoukalos, and he had a meltdown. Here is that meltdown.

First, it started with a manual retweet:


He immediately flipped his porcupine-like lid

So I belligerently asked a rude question

Oh, whoops. I asked if he followed the scientific method. he was ‘rational’ about it

Someone else dared to question him as well. It went predictably well

Oh look, an assumption based on nothing, meanwhile claiming they were a thing, but let’s not actually LOOK for proof. Let’s just assume. Good science, Giorgio

So I reply


Now he’s condescending as if he has a mountain of evidence, but doesn’t want to share it. That’s… not how science works, Hairpiece.

I can’t recall the full context here so I’ll just share some shots of him being less than cordial. A lot of it is just the twitter thread

Here he tries to play off his hissy fit as just “schooling” us. It’s… not convincing

This guy tried to claim science is a religion, as if requiring actual facts makes US the “crazy” ones.

Scotty also promised me proof that humans are actually alien/ape hybrids. This was almost 5 years ago, I never heard back from Scotty. This isn’t complete, but it’s what I can scare up (Giorgio has had me blocked since this happened) but you can click through the tweets to seethe whole thing if you want.


So, I’m not going to tell you NOT to watch Ancient Aliens, but hitting yourself in the head with a hammer is a better use of your time and less damaging to your brain.

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