#NaNoWriMo2016 – 3- Escape

What’s going on? My head hurts. Jim pushed the button, didn’t he? Damn it! We told him the field was too unstable. We could have reproduced it tomorrow with more magnets in place to stabilize it, but he was in a rush. What the hell am I doing on the floor? God, this grating is cold. I can’t see. Where are my glasses?

Oh, they’re on my face. Jesus, it’s bright in here. Wait, that’s not light. Is this fog? It’s so thick. I can’t see my hand. There it is. Oh no. Jim, what did you do…?

“Jim? Mark? Lindsey? What the hell happened?”

Nothing. No response. Where the hell are they? There was a flash but no explosion. How long was I out? Are they in here? Did they leave me? Are they even still alive?

I need to get out of here. I can’t see the floor. Where the hell is the door? I’ll just crawl along the wall. I’ll find it eventually. Jim, you asshole. Reviews are in a week and I am going to burn you. Arrogant prick. That machine took ten years of our lives to build, and we get it working finally and you fucking break it two days after we finally get to see into that other world.

This is Nobel level work. Proof that there are other planes of existence. We found one right next to us. Leave it to a damn man to screw it up. Is this fog from there? I bet that asshole was the first one out the door. Almost there, I think. Oh god, what did I just step in? There was nothing squishy in here but…

Don’t look. God, don’t look. Step over it. Don’t scream. Do I have any elastics in my pocket? Need to get my hair back. Oh good. OUCH. I always pull too hard. If that’s the worst thing to happen to me for the rest of the day, that’s a win. Don’t look down, just move forward.

Oh sweet Christ, there’s the door. Of course it’s locked.

Hey! There’s Lindsey! Bang on the glass. Lindsey, look over god damn it! Oh good, she saw me. What? I can’t hear you, Lindsey, the door is sound proof. Mouth it.

Huh? No, I’m getting out of here, I WILL open the door god damn it! You bitch, leave that panel alone. No, fuck this. Where’s the touch pad? Here we are. Hand print. B-R-E-N-D-A C-O-L, sweet, the hand print was enough.

“Why the hell weren’t you letting me out?! I will NOT- What?”

Was that a growl? Something was in there with me? Oh shit oh shit oh shit, close it, close you fucker! Oh thank go- WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?! No shit, “run!” Oh god, Lindsey, keep up!

“Take my hand!” Good, she’s strong. Man, her grip is tight. What was that thing? Forget it, I don’t want to know, we have to get out of here. I hope the elevators are working. How the hell is that fog moving past us? Is it alive? SHIT. The elevator is in lock-down.

“Yeah, the stairs. How you doing?”

She’s breathing heavy. Instead of dragging her I’m pushing her up the stairs. Solidarity, sister. Good, the doors didn’t lock. Don’t trip, that white corrugated steel is going to hurt. Good thinking, Linds. If whatever is in the chamber gets out, I want as much between us and it as possible. Why couldn’t we find an alternate universe filled with flowers? God I’m going to burn you so hard, Jim.

Who am I kidding? That dick is probably going to get the credit for finding it instead of the blame for this mess. No no no, Lindsey. We can’t stop. Breathe shallow. Don’t hyperventilate. God I wish I could have talked you into going running with me.

“Okay, but only for a few seconds.” We can’t afford to rest. Oh, cool. A fire ax. If I elbow the glass hopefully I won’t cut myself. HAH. Excellent. Now we have a weapon.

“What was that? Was that the doors shattering?” God. I was hoping “I think so” wasn’t going to be your answer. “We have to move!”

That’s right, save your breath, just nod. You first. If something comes up behind us, I’m bashing its head in with this. If it has a head. God, the tentacles. Was there anything else? Holy shit, that BOOM. It’s breaking down the door.

“Oh god, move!” I’m screaming. I don’t know if Lindsey even understands but she’s running as hard as she can. Jesus, how many flights are there? Oh god. Oh god, I can hear it slithering. There’s the door! Two more flights and – OW! Shit, I tripped! My god damn shin! Oh no, I can barely run. “Go go go!” I’m limping, but Lindsey is smart, she’s running to the door. I can hear it getting closer.

Half a flight. Lindsey has the door open and is screaming for me. Now she’s just screaming. I’m on the landing. What’s she staring…. Oh no, it’s right behind me-OH GOD WHY DID I LOOK? It has no face! Just tentacles and mouths and, that scream….

I hit it! I didn’t even think! Lindsey’s falling back. Can I make the door? Oh make the door!

NO! IT HAS MY ANKLE! Pull pull pull pull. There, closed. I cut the fucker’s arm off. GOOD. Locked. Lindsey is helping me. Good, it’s so much easier walking without pressure on my shin. What the hell happened in here? The entrance is filled with mist and… The front doors are broken open. Holy shit, did someone explode?!

Can’t wait. That thing is breaking the door down. That parking lot seems so far away. Is Edwin in the kiosk? No. SHIT. he’s gone and everything looks locked. I can’t believe we made it. Yep. Fucking door is locked.

“Stand back.” We can barely hear the thing pounding on the door. Good. Hopefully we’ll be in a hummer long before the fucker gets loose. Swing as hard as you can… GOOD. The window shattered. Two more hits… The wire mesh in the window is now torn. Lindsey is reaching in, I hope she can… Great! The door is openin-Why is she screaming.

OH NO. Another one of those things! Shove her in. Limp in. Pull the door shut. It’s rolling toward us? What the hell? Front door is open. Run, Lindsey! Start the hummer and I will catch up!

It’s crawling over the fence, Jesus Christ. “HA!” It’s caught on the razor wire and it’s getting electrocuted. Whoa! Easy Lindsey, you almost hit me. Wait, where is she going?!

Wave at her! “Lindsey! Wait!” She’s hauling ass, oh no… She’s coming back oh thank… Wait, slow down! Ow! My leg! Of course I landed right on it ducking. What is she.. Oh shit, it was over the fence and she ran it down. She’s motioning. That beautiful bitch opened the door.

In. Buckle up? I know. Door’s shut, “Gun it!”

It’s spinning out. It won’t move! What’s she doing?  She has the ax, she’s getting out!

“Lindsey! No!”

I can’t reach her! She’s going! I can barely see her, the damn fog is leaking everywhere! “Lindsey!”

That scream. Oh no… Oh no… Don’t cry, Brenda, god damn it. Crawl out to see,,, The screaming stopped, oh no…

“AHHHHHHH!” Something touched my hand!

Oh my god!

So much blood….


She looks grimly satisfied. She and the ax are covered in blood. She’s in, she buckled.

I agree, let’s get the fuck out of here.

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