Scientist hypothesizes prehistoric kraken ate sea monsters

 International Business Times ran an article this morning about a scientist who claims to have evidence that 45 foot long prehistoric reptiles were killed and eaten by a giant cephalopod. The victim in question is Shonisaurus, a type of icthyosaur that lived 215 million years ago in Nevada, when it had an ocean covering it instead of sand and hookers. They looked like this in comparison to us:

So let’s all thank mass extinctions for killing them off. According to the article (Thank you M. Asher Cantrell for Tweeting the link), paleontologist Mark McMenamin suspects a giant octopus-like creature killed several of these, ate them, then rearranged their bones into the likeness of a tentacle sucker.

I am not a scientist, so I am not going to try and refute the guy’s claim, but several actual scientists are doing just that. They say that since there is pretty much no evidence, going on record saying “and unknown monster, possibly one from Norwegian mythology, was eating giant sea lizards and rearranging their bones into art” might not be good science.

Clearly it was not a prehistoric Kraken. It was Cthulhu.

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