Why I Won’t Bother To Argue With You on Twitter: #GamerGate Edition

UPDATE: Brianna Wu has a great piece on this crap and it’s more detailed than this. Give it a read too, and if you still disagree, there’s no helping you.

I know I said I wouldn’t dedicate any more time to this incredibly vapid subject, but here we are, a couple weeks later, and the pattern of awful shit has gotten worse. The whole thing (I refuse to say “movement” unless it’s clear I am implying the word “bowel” before it) was started because Zoe Quinn’s ex boyfriend just HAD to make her look like an awful person because his ego was bruised.

“But it’s about ethics, not Zoe!” So many have screamed at me.

Oh really?


Huh. That is the first mention of the tag #GamerGate since April, and the previous mentions had nothing to do with video game journalist ethics. That is actor Adam Baldwin, known for his roles in My Bodyguard, Full Metal Jacket, and Independence Day (He doesn’t get the honor of his other association with a popular TV series) happily promoting the idea that an independent game dev only got good reviews because she screwed some game journalists. Sure, that’s plausible (it really isn’t)

People supporting the hastag claim it’s not about misogyny, when I just showed that is literally how it got started. “It’s changed” they say. Bullshit. This all started in 4chan, about Zoe, and was so putrid, 4chan kicked them out. 4chan had no issue with pedophiles, how fucking bad do you have to be to get kicked out of there? Is that unfounded? Oops, it’s totally provable.

So they moved to 8chan, where they not only continue with the original shit (Zoe is still being harassed) but went back to pre-Zoe victims like Anita Sarkeesian and Brianna Wu threatening them with rape, murder, and bombings. “but we don’t support them!!!” You scream. Oh, you may not MEAN to. But you do.

See this? That is a threat to kill people over a feminist speech at a college.  Think it’s not related? Here you go:

I got that from here. Oh, that doesn’t clearly mention #GamerGate? Well here you go, Sarkeesian herself mentions it here:

Hmm. But you want us to believe she’s making this up because she LOVES the attention? It’s way easier for you that way, is it? Because then you don’t have to accept you are supporting fucking monsters. Yes, domestic terrorists; peopel that would terrorize another to shut them up.

So no. I’ve read your reasons and they don’t pass the bullshit test. You want “ethics in gaming journalism?” Start an actual movement on that and let this one die. Because that’s not what it’s about. It’s about hate and oppression. About fear of change.

If you believe that’s a good thing, something is wrong with you. very wrong. if you think people being harassed and threatened and then not going into hiding means they’re “asking for it” then there is something deeply psychologically wrong with you.

I won’t let you say your piece because, once again, that’s false equivalence. The #GamerGate side has no merit. They don’t get an equal say because their position is “Stop trying to change the status quo or we’ll ruin your fucking life.” And while that may not be YOUR position, that is the one you are tacitly supporting. Your insistence otherwise is meaningless because the people who actually did their homework know what the truth is.

If you think gaming journalism is important enough that it needs a movement, start one. I just showed you how this garbage started.

If you choose to stick with it, sorry. You’re the bad guy.

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