#Zombarcology: Prototype For A Unique Book Project

I’m writing this because contrary to my delusions, you all don’t hang on my every word and I’m confusing people by talking about a project that I mentioned days ago and people having lives outside of my ramblings missed it. This is to save people me bombarding them with tweets explaining it, and also lets me put out a more coherent idea of the project.

So what is it?

The short explanation is this: I wanted to make a book for a while that combined elements of the awesome Zombie Survival Guide with emerging technology. Basically the idea that zombies are pretty much no match for things like drones and railguns. But that seemed a little one-note the more I started thinking about it, and while zombies are still popular, that initial zeal people had for it is played out. So I decided to reconsider the same basic “monsters versus near-future tech” but with a variety of monsters. And I got really excited because it felt like a winner, so I decided on 5 creatures to start with:

  • Zombies (of course)
  • Werebeasts
  • Vampires
  • Ghosts
  • Kaiju (specifically daikaiju, the great big ones)

I also decided that the most fun way to present this would be in the form of a catalog or set of brochures presented by a fictional company that actually builds all of this stuff, set in a near future where these creatures have started to become problems. So the setting and problems are fictional, but the tech is real, based on real science, and has either been created and tested at some point, or at least existed as more than an idea of one person (basically if it was seriously proposed to the government, like Brilliant Pebbles or by a company like the Shimizu Mega-City Pyramid).

Right now I am in the research/concept phase where I am watching movies to develop a list of tropes for each creature, and varieties of creatures (so I will work with Romero-type slow undead, 28 Days Later type infected living people, Z Nation fast undead, etc) meanwhile compiling a list of emerging technologies, proposed projects, and plausible futuristic tech to use against them. One quick example is the use of kinetic bombardment (“Rods of the Gods”) as an anti-daikaiju system, arcologies to keep throngs of zombies out, automated phalanx systems, etc etc.

This is where you come in: I am soliciting ideas for tech because I am just one person and crowd-sourcing ideas is awesome, so if you would like to share any ideas with me, tweet them at me (@vodstok) with the tag #Zombarcology so I can organize them. Anyone who suggests anything goes into a spreadsheet and whether I use it I will include you in the acknowledgement section because you never know when a little off-handed idea will blow up into something awesome.

I already have some copy-editor volunteers for the future, and will eventually need these as well (list will likely expand as this grows):

  • Content Editor (someone to make sure the tone is consistent, the jokes are funny, that everything clicks)
  • Artists. I’d like a variety of styles if possible, so this position is “positions”
  • Layout Expert: I’m a writer, not a designer. Someone with marketing or other layout design experience would be great

All of these positions will be paid. Once I have a good body of the initial work done (a first pass draft, a clearer idea of if this will be a single book or several, etc.) I will be starting a Kickstarter campaign to finance it, pay people for their initial work, buy the ISBN(s) and so on. I also intend to share actual profits with the team so that this isn’t just a one-off paycheck for you if it happens to become popular and go into second printing or anything of that nature (I’m an optimist).

If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to tweet at me, or DM if you want to keep it private. I will also answer any questions in the comments, so feel free to use those as well. Hopefully this clears things up and saves everyone who asks about this the headache of me sending them 10 tweets to explain it 🙂

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  • January 23, 2015 at 1:35 pm

    This project sounds delightful! If you are still look for someone to be your Content Editor shoot me an email. Even if you have someone already I’m planning to do some of that information gathering you mentioned.


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